Windy City Warmongers
    ** Note that this league is based in North America, and you will be expected to be able schedule games during North American evenings or weekends. Inability to play during these times may result in a loss. **


  1. The Basics (General)
    1. The competition will be set up as a Wissen (Swiss) tournament. If the number of teams will only allow 5 or fewer rounds, the tournament will be Round Robin.
      1. The first round will be seeded by TV.
      2. Games will have 3 minute turns.
    2. The maximum number of round for a competition is 7 rounds.
      1. Each round is 1 week.
      2. Rounds may advance early if all games are played
    3. Conceding a game is strongly discouraged; and may result in expulsion from the league.

  2. The Basics (Professional)
    1. League scoring is as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie.
      1. If there is a tie for league points, it will be broken by total wins, then point differential.
      2. If there is still a tie, a tiebreaker game will be played.
    2. Games MUST be completed prior to 5:00am Central Time on Monday.
      1. There will be no grace period to get your game played at a later date/time.
      2. Failure to attempt to schedule publicly will result in a concede.
      3. Failure to agree on a time to play will result in a win/loss/concede determination by the Commissioner.
      4. If the commissioner finds no evidience that either coach attempted to schedule a game, the game will be a tie.
      5. If you are unable to play, but notify the commissioner in a timely matter, the game will be recorded as a loss.
    3. Only teams competing in the Professional competitions may qualify for the playoffs

  3. The Basics (Rookie)
    1. There is no league scoring.
    2. Games must be completed by 5:00am Central time on Monday.
      1. Games that have not been played for any reason will be recorded as a tie.
    3. The maximum TV for a team to join is 1250. This includes any injured players, as well as any journeymen needed to fill out the team.

  4. The Basics (Side-Competitions)
    1. Each week, excluding the week a Season starts (and possibly post season), a new Sub-Competition will be opened.
      1. 10 teams may join.
      2. The format will be Wissen.
      3. The Sub-Competitions will last 4 rounds.
      4. Turn length will be 1 or 2 minutes.
    2. If, one week from the date the Sub-Compeition is opened, fewer than 6 teams have joined, then the competition will be closed.
      1. The following Sub-Competition will have a lower maximum TV, and fewer restrictions if any were set.
    3. There is no league scoring.
    4. Games must be completed by 5:00am Central time on Monday.
      1. Games that have not been played for any reason will be recorded as a tie.

  5. Disconnects
    1. If a player disconnects, the game will be reset only if both parties agree to starting over; otherwise the results stand
      1. Yes, it would be a total weiner move to watch your winning opponent lose their connection and use it to win. We will mock you!
      2. Frequent disconnects may result in being removed from the league.

  6. Post Season
    1. After the regular season, the top X teams will compete in a single Knockout competition.
      1. X = the numbe of teams in the Professional competition / 4. This is preliminary and may change
      2. The first round will be seeded as follows: the highest performing team will play vs. the lowest performing team, the next highest vs. the 2nd lowest, etc.
    2. The winning coach shall be granted the coveted Chicago Overcoat.

  7. AI Treams
    1. If there are not enough teams to fill out a competition, the remaining teams will be AI teams.
    2. If a coach drops out, the team will be replaced by an AI team.
      1. Unless some brave soul is willing to take up the mantle.
    3. Opponents of the AI team may choose to win through a conceed if they choose; however, the coach may be forever referred to as a pansy.

  8. Miscellaneous Regulations
    1. Unplayed games and Conceded games will be recorded.
      1. If you have a large number of these combined, you may be requested to leave.
    2. This is a friendly league. Everyone gets a little angry when things don't go well. But do your best to be a descent person.
      1. Excessive or abundant not-being-a-descent-person will result in your removal from this league.
      2. If I have to extrapolate on this, then this league is probably not for you.